Cofit, 40 years of production

Cofit was started in the sixties, thanks to the enterprise of the Marianelli family. An intuition for a new market with interesting potential was at the heart of their entrepreneurial initiative. In those years the manufacturing of plastic materials on a large scale started and in 1967 Cofit was the first to understand the big advantage which could be gained from the development of the filtering process of plastic materials during production. Therefore in that year the first continuous screenchanger was produced, a patented system for the replacement of filtering screens without interrupting the production cycle. This product was exported all over the world and made the Cofit trademark a synonym par excellence for "screenchanger".

Other technologically very important patents were added to the continuous mode, for example, the valves for the orientation of the flow within the screenchanger, thanks to which the self-cleaning device was created to clean the screens without their removal.

Each year Cofit continues its research and refines its specialization in the field of filtering. Today Cofit produces screenchangers which are suitable for any requirement of production plants, in terms of dimensions, degree of filtering and level of automation.

Other types of products were, over the years, added to the production of the screenchangers, thus allowing Cofit to provide a full service to companies which manufacture plastic materials.

The eighties and the nineties represented a phase of great expansion. Thanks to the quality of the product and to technological innovation, Cofit consolidated its strong commercial presence both in Italy, and even stronger worldwide.

2005 represented a fundamental transition year in the history of Cofit. In this year the changeover in ownership of the company was completed. Alessandro Fabbri, already president of Clearchem, became director of the company. He was determined to transfer his great entrepreneurial skills to a new international launch of the company and of the Cofit trade name.


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