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There is hardly any other name in the plastics sector that epitomises innovative strength like the name Reifenhäuser Kiefel. With over 60 years of experience and more than 7.000 installed extruders, Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion is the largest provider of machines and lines for the extrusion of sophisticated thermoplastic materials worldwide.

With the broadest scope of products available in the plastic sector the machines of Reifenhäuser Kiefel can produce the widest range of applications from simple films to sophisticated technical films with barrier properties as well as agricultural films.


Laboratory – priceless experience
The laboratory is a core element of Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion. The outstandingly equipped facility in Troisdorf offers you an optimum environment for practical  trials and evaluation of new equipment and products. At the same time, it serves our own quality assurance and development needs. Several extrusion lines in different configurations are available to you for demonstrations and test runs. 

Production Quality at the highest level
Production and assembly of extrusion lines, winding systems and stretching lines take place exclusively in our factory in Worms. We employ a team of qualified technicians and motivated specialists. It is through our production organization and personnel that the quality and reliability that you require of our machines are realized. Reifenhäuser Kiefel produces all of the critical components of the EVOLUTION® systems in machine shops equipped with the latest CNC  machines.  

Service – convincing performance
Our service starts with sales support. In addition to that, a qualified service team helps you in bringing the lines into operation and also supports you after production has commenced. The renowned fast worldwide delivery of replacement parts and qualified local support are also part of the extensive service support offered, as is training of your staff for a new installation or with upgrading an existing line.


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The EVOLUTION generation extends from mono equipment up to nine-layer lines. Whether for production of simple packaging applications, of complex technical films or of food packaging with high grade barrier properties: Reifenhauser Kiefel Extrusion has convincing solutions available. Problem-free processing of all common materials is possible on our lines, such as PE, PP, PA, EVOH , PS, PETG, EVA, and Ionomers.

Apart from extruders with screw diameters between 40 to 200 millimeters, you can put your own individual configuration together out of our wide range of innovative modules. Whether controllable blown film dies, a suitable take-off, winders or other ancillary equipment specific to the application – your required combination is certainly to be had! The EVOLUTION generation of blown film systems offers the highest degree of automation, user friendly touch screen intuative controls and absolute precision in their execution.

The range of products is rounded off by the widest range of winders available today based on the market leading technology of  WINTECH  – also for applications beyond the area of blown films. We made the first step in Spring 2006 in the direction of film enhancement with the newly developed MDO system. This is evidence that only technology and know-how that completely serves our customers are taken up by Reifenhauser Kiefel Extrusion


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